Integration services for mass media and information firm


A Business-to-Business multinational mass media and information firm.


The client had various sales processes in their different departments. They were using several versions of Excel spreadsheets and salesforce reports to maintain their sales data. With this setup, the client was struggling to maintain a common source of truth.

In reaction, the client decided to integrate and organize the sales process, as well as make sure its different department’s individualized needs and overall KPI’s were being met.


SG Analytics' team started the assignment with requirement gathering from different teams such as campaign managers, the accounting team, business development managers, etc. to understand their unique processes and needs.

The team helped automate the generation of specific salesforce reports for each department to be created on a common platform to enable greater productivity and bring standardization across different departments within the organization.

The team facilitated the automation of monthly report downloads from salesforce, specifically from the campaigns and accounting teams. The data was consolidated from different reports and Excel files using an Alteryx tool. Then, the data was fed into Tableau.

At last, the team helped the client create various reports and dashboards on Tableau. Each report was specific to the organization's KPIs and would enable them to track their processes.

Tools used:


Value Delivered

Greater collaboration, transparency, and productivity within the different departments.
Monthly tracking of the organization-wide KPI’s to draw actionable insights, with drill-down capabilities to each department.
Better organized sales process.