Integrated enterprise mobile solution for inventory management


A leading automobile manufacturer in the recreational and commercial vehicle segments.


The client wanted to be a forerunner in the industry by deploying an integrated enterprise mobile solution for inventory management. The aim was to improve the client's sales process and streamline the inventory process in its supply chains.


SG Analytics' team followed a well crafted, structured approach to facilitate a time-efficient and reliable delivery:
  • During the requirement gathering phase, the team ensured to interview all business teams as well as the customer-facing team with the objective to understand the respective inventory processes and main pain points.
  • Considering the client’s business goals, KPI’s, and future needs, the team leveraged the gathered interview insights to create a detailed roadmap.
  • SG Analytics' consultants derived a plan to create an android based mobile app that enabled automobile dealers and OEM’s to locate units and vehicles within a price budget range or by uploading pictures.
  • The app also had the capabilities to send marketing materials such as brochures and emails directly to the consumer’s mobile devices, thus providing the client with real-time information and enabling informed data-driven decision to be made in the supply chain.

Angular JS
HTML 5 / CSS 3

Value Delivered

The adoption of mobility resulted in an increase in sales volume.
The access to information on-the-go resulted in improved efficiency.
The client also reported increased customer loyalty due to app stickiness.