Incentive planning and interactive dashboard for ceramic wares wholesaler


A Southeast-Asian wholesaler which deals in ceramic wares and tiles and was also running multiple sales incentive compensation and recognition programs for its front-line staff.


The Client's various incentive plans had different payment cycles (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually) and relied heavily on Excel spreadsheets to calculate commissions. The reliance on human data entry made the process slow and prone to errors. Thus, the client engaged SG Analytics to process data, make payments, and produce reports for its sales incentive and recognition program.


SG Analytics' team helped consolidate the data from the client's enterprise resource planning software and other reports to come as batch imports to a common database, which captured all the essential KPI’s. Next, using Python technology, all the incentive calculations were categorized into different categories and automated.

The team created a visual dashboard to monitor active incentive plans. As per the client's requirement, the client's admins had the ability to change the internal working by a simple drag and drop function to react to changing incentive plans and KPI’s.

The team equipped the dashboard also with the capability to export incentive reports in excel and pdf formats. The dashboard also was compatible with all mobile and tablets devices, so that the senior management team was able to work with the visualizations on the go.

Tools used:


Value Delivered

Faster turnaround time to make sale incentive payments reducing admin costs drastically.
A well-documented workflow and audit trail for administration process.
Greater transparency in the sales commission process between the different members of the team.