Faster, human-assisted automation suite for TMT consulting firm


Leading consulting company delivering insights by combining TMT and ICT expertise.


The client’s analysts manually updated revenues and ICT spend on the ICT sales tool for over one million companies. The client wanted to establish faster, human-assisted automation suite for minimizing errors and time utilization.


After understanding the client’s challenges in detail, SG Analytics constituted a team of automation analysts to develop and integrate a human-assisted automation solution:
  • SG Analytics' team extracted the relevant data files and validated the data to create a final catalog of refined insights.
  • The team adopted analytics and data interpretation approach to divide, segment, and synthesize data into a centralized platform.
  • We used Python and SQL database methodologies to cleanse the extracted data by checking bad records, changing notations, and filled the empty cells.
  • We applied exception handling process to update the cleansed data on the centralized platform in accordance with the client’s format requirements.

Tools and Technologies used



Implemented a seamless, human-assisted automation product for client’s analysts.
Ensured flexibility for analysts to add/allow exceptions effortlessly.
Enabled easier maintenance of data history and incorporate exceptions during every cycle.