Employee Availability Management System


A US-based B2B service company.


The client was seeking to create a centralized system to track and record employee availability and projects. The centralized system’s desired specifications included the following features:
  • Availability tracking for project managers and employees.
  • Future forecasting to identify over/under utilization of resources.
  • Identify available resources with appropriate skills.
  • Streamline vacation process.


SG Analytics analyzed the existing processes and suggested a new software architecture:
  • The team utilized SharePoint Online to design & implement the new system for internal users.
  • The new solution allowed project managers to indicate the effort and time invest that need to be spent on a given project over a specified time period. The system also allowed to allocate time buffers separately.
  • The solution has made the internal users extremely satisfied with the new system and has helped the organization to achieve more productivity with the same number of employees.

Tools used:

SharePoint Online
Microsoft Azure
Power Shell

Value Delivered

Greater transparency and collaboration within the employees and teams.
Streamlined vacation/days off planning.
Holistic view of overall resource planning, ability to pinpoint over-utilized /under-utilized resources.