Data warehouse and dashboard for fashion retailer


US-based fashion retailer promoting the latest in fashion clothing, new arrivals, fashion catalogs, collections etc.


The client wanted to create a single data warehouse and a dashboard to track/assess the impact of various supply chain disruptions. The client was looking for an integrated solution that could track the status of the entire supply chain with a single dashboard view.


SG Analytics DA team built a single big data platform combining data from multiple data sources. The team also developed a dashboard enabling the client to enhance visibility across the entire supply chain and ability to respond quickly to potential supply chain or demand disruptions:
  • SG Analytics team noticed that there were different ERP systems used for capturing data across various stages of the supply chain
  • The team came up with a detailed technology stack required to build a robust big data platform
  • The team built the complete data layer by ingesting data from multiple data sources into MapR-FS cluster and writing JAVA based Map-Reduce queries to build a database which would act as a single version of truth
  • Deploying Apache Drill, the team created views on top of the database, which in turn were exposed to Tableau. By incorporating Tableau into the solution, the team generated multiple dashboards to track various supply chain disruption scenarios.


Apache Drill


Enabled ease of data access by creating a single version of truth.
Enabled “what if analysis” for business users to design potential future scenarios and observe their impact.
Enabled tracking across shipments and provided insights into the “factory to store” journey.