Customer segmentation and targeting for media conglomerate


US-based media conglomerate with interests in digital consumer acquisition, with an app-based revenue model driven by subscriptions.


The client wanted to segment the users starting from free to paid subscribers based on the viewership behavior. The client wanted a business strategy to increase the user engagements and paid subscribers. The challenge was building a clear strategy to move the digital users up the value chain.


SG Analytics analyzed the data to understand the real-time scenario of the user behavior. Accordingly, SG Analytics devised a solution using clustering and segmentation methodologies to help the client:
  • Our team collected clickstream data for android and iOS mobile platforms in order to understand content consumption behavior of users.
  • We removed invalid records via data cleansing and transformation.
  • Our data scientists analyzed the response rate, i.e. customers that have used/watched the app through the advertisement in the Test and Control groups.
  • We helped the client sort new content based on the user interest/viewership behavior.


Enabled user tracking to understand user conversion rate, helping the business develop effective marketing strategies.
Built video recommendation engine to suggest upcoming best shows and engage users.
Integrated effective advertisement placement platform on unique sites.

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