Customer profiling and revenue optimization for media firm


Leading commercial broadcast television network, media and entertainment firm with major production and telecast facilities across the globe.


The client wanted to optimize the revenue on its ad serving platform by providing the most appropriate ad for each of the 150-200 million ad requests/day. The client was facing significant time and resource constraints.


SG Analytics discussed the business situation with the client in detail and delivered the following four-step solution:
  • SG Analytics profiled the subscribers for various demographic factors, behavioral dimensions and preferences (including adjustment for temporary interests). SG Analytics also profiled the partner sites to identify incoming traffic for the demographic and behavioral dimensions.
  • SG Analytics then identified the addressable population for each attribute based on traffic forecasts. SG Analytics also identified the delivery effectiveness for individual demographic/behavior segment for each creative/advertisement served on the partner site.
  • The team used this output in a logistic regression model to allocate higher revenue CPC/CPA contracts to better-performing websites while meeting necessary contractual obligations.
  • SG Analytics assembled the short candidate list of advertisements for each partner site and used it in addition to the subscriber’s profile and history to improve the relevance of advertisements.


Developed distinct modules for forecasting, regression modelling, optimization and real-time allocation.
Enabled revenue optimization via identification of traffic pattern, ad serving effectiveness, and subscriber categorization.
Ensured smooth integration of the system with the client’s ad-serving systems.