Increase audience engagement on app-based platforms


US-based media conglomerate with interests primarily in cinema and cable television


The client wanted to increase the audience engagement on the app based platforms by considering factors such as customer behavior attributes and video engagement metrics.


SG Analytics implemented a three-step approach to the above problem:

  • The SG Analytics team collected clickstream data from various platforms such as iOS, Android, Roku, etc. to understand content consumption behavior of users. The team extracted the user viewing behavior metrics (number of app visits, watch time and video starts) from Omniture clickstream data of the app.
  • The SG Analytics team performed K-means clustering on these metrics to bucket the users showing identical viewing behavior into three groups – light users, cusp users and heavy users
  • The SG Analytics team profiled these user segments to identify patterns pertaining to demography or property affinity and made suggestions for new customer acquisition and better customer engagement. To identify these patterns, the team used Apriori Algorithms. The team provided a Tableau-based dashboard to explore audience overlap along various dimensions including time, show, content type, show type, and platform
  • The team provided a Tableau-based dashboard to explore audience overlap along various dimensions including time, show, content type, show type, and platform


Facilitated collaboration to drive increased customer engagement.
Helped identify opportunities related to demographic parameters to target new customers.
Identified opportunities for prioritization/personalization of the show content to increase customer engagement.