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Analytics for Media – Areas Where We Have Added Value

With people consuming more content than ever before, data analytics has become an essential tool for media and entertainment companies to do effective content planning, bundling, and distribution. The largest challenge is not data collection though, but integration of multiple data streams and the ability to analyze data to derive actionable insights. SG Analytics helps its clients in the media and entertainment sector integrate data-driven insights into their decision making.

Consumer acquisition and growth analytics

Mix Modeling

Digital, Mobile
& Web Analytics

media analytics

Integrated marketing effectiveness

Offline to online
acquisition tracking

ROI analysis and budget

Promotion strategy
and optimization

SGA’s Integrated Approach - Offerings for Consumer Sciences and Marketing Groups in Media

  • Integrate and
    Harmonize data

    • Digital Google analytics, Adobe
    • Clickstream and Weblogs
    • Campaign data
    • Unstructured text data.
    • Digital syndicated data.
    • Big Data
  • Visualize

    • Integrated storyboards
    • Issue trees
    • Scorecards and dashboards
    • Executive
    • Operational
  • Digital & Social presence

    • Social Listening
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Text mining
    • Campaign analytics
    • Emotion detection
    • Network analysis
  • Insights and recommendations

    • Drivers of traffic
    • Visitor journey and path to subscriptions
    • Drivers of market share
    • Competitor analysis
    • Digital promotions and campaigns
  • Attribution and effectiveness

    • Online and offline influence
    • Audience segmentation
    • Customer funnel
    • Attribution models
    • Real time scoring
  • Online + Offline Optimization

    • Channel optimization
    • Campaign optimization
    • Offline online mix
    • Retargeting
    • A/B testing
    • Mobile App strategy

SGA’s Advanced Analytics Experience with Media Firms

TV/Music analytics

  • Promotion optimization
  • Budget optimization
  • Ad-sales analytics
  • Video on demand advertising customization
  • Nielsen data analytics (Audio and TV)
  • Time-zones broadcasting analysis
  • As-run data analytics from broadcasters

Digital Analytics

  • Web analytics
  • App-based analytics
  • Customer journey and user engagement analysis
  • Recommendation engines
  • Multi touch attribution
  • Campaign analytics on uplift and ROI
  • Social media analytics
  • Integrated/ comparative platform analysis

Big data engineering

  • Cross platform data integration
  • Nielsen data refresh
  • Web log data capture
  • Big data warehousing
  • Streaming data aggregation
  • Elastic search implementation
  • Data source API creation


  • Self-serve dashboards for producers, ad-sales teams, broadcasters, marketing teams and consumer insights teams
  • Data analysis dashboards
  • Reporting and insights dashboards
  • Social media dashboards
  • Data aggregation dashboards
  • Open source and licensed technologies

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