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The telecom sector is undergoing huge transformation. There is a need to find innovative and sustainable revenue opportunities given the changing consumer behaviour and new mobile technology. Increasing competition from non-telecom providers, reduced network investments and the rise of digital media & mobile technology mean that telecom operators need to radically change their business models and service offerings to survive.

At SGA, we help our clients to address their current challenges and better align their capabilities with today’s consumers. SGA’s research and analytics support has been a mainstay for our clients as they compete in a rapidly changing telecom market, where success or failure could be determined by the ability to foresee and adapt to change. Meeting the expectations of the digital consumer, created by the convergence of five major trends – 3G, Social Networking, Video, VoIP and Smartphones, holds the key. Understanding the technologies at play and putting them into the context of the market is what drives customer loyalty and ultimately growth.We help clients understand these changing dynamics in the telecom industry and how to exploit opportunities by providing actionable insights for strategic decision making.

SGA has provided several players in the telecom space with research support on business issues and technology trends impacting the sector. Having executed a wide range of studies across segments such as wire-line, wireless, etc., SGA possesses significant experience in providing the right answers to decision-enablers in this sector.

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