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SGA's pharma & life sciences services provide a wide range of business consulting & data analytics services rendered to drug & device manufacturers. Our expertise ranges from strategic work such as designing performance management frameworks, developing the commercialization model to tracking product launch, physician profiling and segmentation. We also pride ourselves in offering operational support to pharmaceutical sales & marketing organizations on the basis of our skilled resources and intelligent in-house tools. Our flexible engagement models, ability to support across the value chain as well as a significant cost-saving proposition enable us to be an extended research & analytics team for our clients.

Our PLS team possesses immense experience in analytical & consulting roles in areas such as competitive intelligence, benchmarking, market sizing, forecasting, sales & marketing analytics, product launch & branding strategy support, and big data analytics. Our technical expertise is reflected in our engagements as we provide actionable insights & recommendations as well as to develop innovative solutions, which are implemented successfully. Our service offerings include:

Business Intelligence and Analysis:

We have significant experience in pharmaceutical research and analysis. We conduct a judicious mix of primary & secondary research and data analysis to provide our clients with actionable insights. Our business intelligence solutions include:

Solution Description
Competitive Intelligence
  • Collate primary & secondary market information and conduct analysis to facilitate informed decision-making
Epidemiology /Therapy Area Intelligence
  • Conduct a comprehensive epidemiology study to provide epidemiology trends - incidence, prevalence, mortality, and relapse
  • Evaluate potential association between the risk factors and estimate the burden of disease
Pipeline Analysis
  • Collect comprehensive information on pipeline molecules related to a therapy or a Mechanism of Action (MoA)
  • Enable the formulation of a lifecycle management strategy
Business Development and Licensing Support
  • Carry out an in-depth market evaluation to identify the potential target for licensing opportunities
  • Determine the feasibility by valuing the potential molecule and making an assessment of strategic fit
KOL Database Development
  • Identify key opinion leaders/influencers and populate information to create a tailor-made client database
Syndicate Report Writing
  • Develop reports focused on disease, therapy, mechanism of action or government regulation


Market Sizing and Forecasting:

We have comprehensive market measurement skills & forecasting capabilities to estimate the market size and create forecasting models. Our skilled domain experts create hypotheses, which are tested using primary interviews of key opinion leaders (if required). SG Analytics provides unbiased, insightful, and reliable forecasts for strategy planning and risk management through the following solutions:

Solution Description
Market Sizing
  • Construct the market size using bottom-up approach
  • Identify, suggest market trends related to treatment regimes
  • Forecast using different methodologies such as patient-based, historical time series and amalgamated techniques
  • Provide crucial inputs about licensing, lifecycle management as well as assessing the impact of an event on the product
Event Analysis
  • Develop reports providing scenario analysis based on events, for example:
    • Predict PDUFA hearing results based on clinical trial data analysis
    • Conduct impact assessment of labeling changes/black box warnings


Performance Management and Data Analytics:

Our pharma & life sciences services help clients in improving their performance by designing, benchmarking as well as tracking the key performance indicators. Our pharma & life sciences team has extensive experience in creating a performance management network for R&D as well as for the commercial side of the pharmaceutical value chain. We assist our clients by offering following types of data analytic solution:

Solution Description
Product Performance Measurement and Reporting
  • Analyze sales data (e.g. IMS data) to check product launch and uptake through sales dashboards
  • Generate monthly performance report of R&D sub-functions
Third-party Performance Management
  • Optimize the performance of third-party vendors (e.g. a CRO partner) by designing and tracking KPIs
Doctor Profiling and Segmentation
  • Use sophisticated classification techniques to classify doctors based on the available variables
  • Strive to reduce manual judgment on the classification of doctors by medical representatives, thereby providing a robust and unbiased tool for targeting exercises
Concomitant Drug Use Analysis
  • Conduct analysis of drugs, which are being concomitantly prescribed with other drugs
  • Support creation of a marketing and communication strategy in order to effectively market a company’s product
Promotion Response Analysis
  • Measure the promotional response on a company’s sales, using a non-linear approach that utilizes machine learning to derive greater insights and eventually optimize promotional programs


Social Media Monitoring:

Our social media team provides an in-depth analysis of social media feeds to help our clients gauge the perceptions of patients and caregivers about their product. Following are our social media solutions for pharmaceutical industry:

Solution Description
Social Media Brand Tracker
  • Report providing real-time monitoring insights of:
    • Drivers and barriers of adoption & switching
    • Safety profiles and adverse event report
    • Consumer insights providing economic concerns and insurance-related issues
Sentiment and Polarity Analysis
  • Identification of 40+ different sentiments based on a programmed dictionary, which can be scaled further
  • Provide an understanding of the positivity, negativity or neutrality of a text corpus to analyze the effectiveness of campaigns
Topic Analysis
  • Identify key topics from unstructured social media feeds to arrive at data-driven decisions
Word Count Analysis and Association Analysis
  • Provide word counts and correlation results for one word against the other from a given text corpus


Market Research Analytics:

SG Analytics provides extensive back office support for our clients’ market research needs. We specifically provide questionnaire designing, web-based & telephonic surveys (of patients, doctors, competitors, and regulators), statistical analysis and development of reports with deep industry insights. Our market research solutions include:

Solution Description
Web-based and Telephonic Surveys
  • Design, develop, deploy, and manage CATI & CAWI surveys from target personnel
Data Management and High-end Statistical Analytics
  • Organize, manage, & QC data, and generate results through appropriate statistical tools
  • Analyze using techniques like regression, discriminant analysis, cluster analysis, LSA analysis


If you wish to learn more about our experience with pharmaceuticals and biotech, we would be happy to share our insights regarding key challenges, critical success factors, and proven approaches with you. In order to find out how we can lend more value to your organization, please contact us at

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