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Marketing Effectiveness

Extracting more value from marketing investments can be challenging, which is made even more difficult by the scale, speed-to-market and decentralization of marketing decisions to line marketing.

Large marketing budget might be spent on the wrong customer target, the wrong objective, or the wrong touch point. A ROI analysis would report a financial failure, but would not be able to explain the reasons for the failure.

At SGA, we look at Marketing Effectiveness beyond Marketing ROI. We have developed a comprehensive Marketing Effectiveness Framework, which includes insights from non-behavioural data and provides an unprecedented explanatory power to Marketing Effectiveness Models.

Our Marketing Effectiveness Services Include:

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With new digital channels, comes an abundance of rich but complex data sources that marketers need to translate into logical metrics. At SGA, our Marketing Effectiveness models incorporate current and emerging data streams.

Industries Where Our Offerings Are Applicable:

  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Retail
  • High Tech, etc.

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