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SG Analytics has extensive experience of supporting business development and business intelligence needs of senior executives in law firms. At SGA, we understand the needs and challenges of law firms, and our service offerings are specifically designed to cater to these requirements.

Challenges Faced by Legal Professionals

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Growing Business

As per a survey, more than half of the interviewed lawyers felt that business development was taking increasing amount of their time.

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Lawyers have multiple things on their plate at a time, making it extremely difficult to manage all tasks over a limited time period.

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Keeping up to Date

As per a survey conducted by Lexis Nexis, 71% lawyers felt that keeping up to date with industry changes, processes and systems was becoming a challenge.

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Smarter Use of Technology

Most law firms acknowledge that there is a growing need to use technology to improve efficiency and reach out to new audiences.

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Staying Ahead of Competition

Keeping a tab on competitor strategy and developments is a critical aspect of staying ahead.

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Cost Pressures

Economic downturn has made clients offering legal services more demanding and cost conscious. Law firms need to find ways to trim costs to stay competitive.

We understand that the recent recession has increased pressures on law firms, and has made the legal market very competitive. Our service offerings help senior legal professionals reduce overall time and effort in winning client mandates and compete more effectively. By taking over essential business development and research functions SGA helps law firms to stay competitive, knowledgeable and grow their businesses. Some of our offerings for law firms include:

Law Firm Offerings

Case studies on our sample experience for law firms can be accessed here.

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