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Fixed Income Research

SG Analytics is a market leader in high quality fixed income research and analytics solution for our clients. Our fixed income analytics solutions help to clients finding opportunities and accessing latest techniques and research.

Our fixed income research services provide end-to-end support to leading buy-side and sell-side clients in an increasingly complex financial environment, where businesses often require fundamental research and analysis support. At SGA, we provide our clients with credit research, relative value analysis and investment recommendations, distressed debt analytics,fixed income areas, macroeconomic research and structured finance analytics across diverse segments, products and geographies.

Our Fixed Income Research Services Include:

  • Credit analysis for investment grade and high yield bonds
  • Relative value analysis, using cash bonds and CDS spreads
  • Indenture review and covenant analysis
  • Credit appraisal of obligors to prepare credit memos for corporate banking division
  • Credit modeling and forecasting, including off balance sheet adjustments
  • Collateral evaluation and covenant analysis
  • Recovery valuation and waterfall modeling for distressed assets
  • Data mining support
  • Macroeconomic, country, sector and thematic reports
  • Analysis on interest rates, currencies, GDP and inflation
  • Ongoing tracking of news, developments and providing insights on fixed income markets and sectors
  • Indenture and covenant analysis
  • Forecasting recovery waterfall and valuation analysis
  • Scenario analysis and stress-testing
  • Providing monthly, quarterly surveillance reports on various deals
  • Securitized asset valuation
  • Building credit derivative models and analyzing trading strategies
  • Cash flow modeling and shadow rating analysis
  • Indenture and covenant monitoring for secured debt
  • ALM, interest rate sensitivity and VaR analysis
  • Risk reports

We also offer value-added services to our clients, which include newsletters, research periodicals, preparation of marketing presentations and collaterals - among others.

Service Delivery Methodology

SGA’ fixed income analyst helps experts to win new enterprise and strengthen existing relationships.

Our fixed income analysts leverage years of experience, providing a deep understanding of fixed income markets across diverse industries that allow them to customize their services to meet the preferences of our global clients.

Industries Where Our Offerings Are Applicable:

  • Consumer
  • Materials
  • Industrials / Utilities
  • Energy
  • Telecom, Media & Technology
  • Retail
  • Financials
  • Healthcare

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