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Consumer Products

The consumer sector is one of the fastest growing industry segments, with its the risks and challenges. Introducing unique products and enhancing them by leveraging emerging technologies to stand the competition, along with forecasting demands accurately and timely with respect to dynamic customer needs, are posing major challenges for industrialists.

At SGA, we continuously identify emerging trends and industry drivers. Our technology experts can help clients react proactively to market demands and hasten time to market. We add value to each engagement with our engineering experience and knowledge across diverse industry segments. SGA has been working in the consumer sector helping manufacturers and retailers increase profitability by understanding consumer purchase motivation/drivers, seeking product attributes that are valued by consumers, identifying usage need gaps, helping to refine the mix and size of product lines and optimizing their product portfolios.

We assist our retail clients in making more effective decisions by providing accurate, timely and insightful fact-based research and consulting services. SGA helps several food & beverage manufacturers and suppliers make the right strategic decisions and remain competitive keeping costs under control. SGA has added value to business in the retail segment with research relating to emerging markets, new product launches, government regulations, supply chain, competition dynamics, consumer preferences and mergers & acquisitions.

Our Retail Services Include:

  • Market Assessment
  • Entry Strategies
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Investment Memorandum
  • Need-based Research

SGA’s Focus Areas in the Retail Value Chain:


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