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Asset Management Support

Our asset management support offers end-to-end standardised as well as customised services for better representation of a variety of data, that exists in silos and is required for review and analysis to provide better insights. With stringent reporting regulations and the new generation of educated investors, who want to know the details of the invested wealth, the need for transparent and best-of-the-breed data-reporting is a critical and arduous requirement for companies in the asset management domain.

SGA assists the asset management professionals on multiple aspects starting from data management, data cleansing and validation, creation of reporting documents to set up of a detailed research and ranking methodology for leading fund ranking agencies and third party information providers. Our ability to understand and meet the changing requirements of clients owing to our experience, we ensure that our clients not only improve upon their efficiency and costs, but also achieve their goal of representing data in the best way possible.

Our Asset Management Support Include:

  • Structured Fund Data Management
  • Fund Factsheets and DPM Reports Updates
  • Pitchbook Updates
  • Peer Analysis Presentations
  • RfP Machine setup
  • RfP/RfI/DDQ Completion
  • Consultant Database Updates
  • Third Party Information Validation
  • Fund Research and Report Creation
  • Performance Attribution Analysis

Project Setup and Transition Methodology

Project Setup and Transition Methodology

Industries Where Our Offerings Are Applicable:

  • Asset Management Companies
  • ETF providers
  • Third Party Information Providers
  • Fund Research and Ranking Agencies

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