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The global aerospace & defense sector has endured many downturns in the past and has staged a quick recovery, making it one of the most reliable segments in the global marketplace. However, the global economy was hit by the 2008 recession, which had different implications and changed the industry considerably. The recession-led economic concerns, coupled with the end of decade-old wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, have changed the industry landscape. More than squeezing defense budgets, these developments have also prompted defense ministries across the globe to rethink their military strategies and usage of various technologies to support their new military projects.

The changing nature of war has affected the defense industry and raised demands for innovative products both in the conventional weapons segment as well as in upcoming sectors like cyber security, unmanned systems and C4ISR. The next-generation’s defense weapons platforms and technologies will include cyber intelligence gathering, defense electronics, and precision strike capabilities. The advent of embedded systems, computers and communication technology has played an important role in this major industry shift.

New studies reveal that defense budgets in the US, UK, France, Japan and several Middle Eastern countries as well as other nations will increase in 2016, thus leading to growing revenues in the global defense subsector. In order to understand this development, SG Analytics interviewed a group of senior executives from leading aerospace & defense companies around the globe to find the pulse point of the industry. These senior executives shared their views on topics such as market outlook and overall trends, industry restructuring, growth prospects and major developments in each military sector. The findings from this major initiative within SG Analytics laid the foundation of our new business strategy for the aerospace & defense practice and structure, and have aligned our new offerings.

At SG Analytics, we use primary research as one of the major tools to identify emerging trends and industry drivers. Our defense industry analysts possessing deep domain expertise help clients react proactively to market demands. We add value to each engagement with our engineering experience and knowledge across diverse industry segments. SG Analytics has also set up a comprehensive panel of defense experts to gather sector-specific information quickly.

SG Analytics adds value to the aerospace & defense segment business by:

  • creating complete research reports about emerging markets and new product launches,
  • delivering company profiles,
  • analyzing new contracts,
  • creating and maintaining dynamic databases,
  • monitoring and analyzing government regulations,
  • screening competition dynamics and consumer preferences,
  • reporting on mergers & acquisitions.

SG Analytics’ Focus Areas in each Sector include the Major Segments:

  • Air
  • Land
  • Navy

Our Comprehensive Reports include:

Major Player Analyses

  • Company Overview
  • Company Financials
  • Major Products and Brands
  • Outlook

Market Watch Bulletin

  • Major launches
  • New Events
  • Partnerships and Acquisitions’

Sector Outlook

  • Sector Overview
  • Major Programs
  • Expected Revenues
  • Major Technologies

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